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    23 October 2016


    Vodacom extends fibre reach

    Vodacom's new partnerships with third-party providers means even faster deployment of fibre across SA.

    Vodacom today announced that it has signed lease agreements with third-party network infrastructure providers Fibrehoods, Openserve, Century City Connect, Link Africa and Dark Fibre Africa to deliver Vodacom Fibre products. Vodacom customers will now have access to Vodacom Fibre services through these providers, including Vodacom Fibre Broadband, Vodacom Fibre Fixed Voice and Value Added Services.

    Third-party network infrastructure partnerships give Vodacom access to pre-deployed FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home) networks inclusive of access build and active equipment. This rapidly improves time to market. Leased networks allow customers across a broader geographical area to enjoy the Vodacom fibre service offering.

    Vodacom now passes over 25,000 homes with its own fibre infrastructure and the company has to date invested R500 million in urban infrastructure. Van Beek says: ‘The rollout of fibre remains a critical part of Vodacom’s growth strategy. We anticipate significant growth in this area and besides investing significantly in our own infrastructure, we will also continue to sign up additional third-party network infrastructure providers’

    Vodacom Fibre is currently available on Dark Fibre Africa, Openserve, Link Africa, Fibrehoods and soon will be added to the Century City Connect open access network, providing ultra-fast internet access. For more information please visit www.vodacom.co.za/fibre or call 082 1904. 

    Vodacom Fibre rates 

    Vodacom Fibre services are available on 24-month contracts. Additional contract periods will be available in due course.

    Network     Line speed     Monthly data allocation (GB)     Monthly subscription (inc VAT)
    DFA 10Mbps 100 R499
    DFA 20Mbps 300 R699
    DFA 40Mbps 1000 R999
    DFA 100Mbps 2000 R1399
    Fibrehoods     100Mbps 300 R799
    Fibrehoods     100Mbps 500 R849
    Fibrehoods     100Mbps 1000 R1099
    Fibrehoods     100Mbps 200 R1399
    Openserve 10Mbps 100 R829
    Openserve 20Mbps 200 R1099
    Openserve 40Mbps 300 R1399
    Openserve 100Mbps 500 R1899
    Vumatel     50Mbps 500 R1199
    Vumatel     100Mbps 600 R1649

    Vodacom Fibre Broadband price plans on Vumatel network include a free connection fee valued at R999 and exclude the Vumatel installation fee of R1,710.

    Vodacom Fibre Broadband price plans include free connection and installation fee for all other leased networks.

    *All Vodacom Fibre products are subject to Vodacom Fibre T&Cs.

    Check your coverage 

    Go to Vodacom Fibre to see if you can get fibre in your area yet.