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Vodacom Foundation skills training seeks to equip unemployed young people with relevant ICT skills to assist with the installation of IT equipment, as well as provide instruction in high-end computer skills. As part of the skills training, the students received training in A+, N+ and 3G connectivity, CCNA and IT security.

On 23 March 2017 a total of 48 youths received SAQA accredited National Certificates in IT support (level 4) as well as Cisco certified network administration certificates (level 5) from MICT SETA and the Department of Higher Education during a graduation ceremony held at Ganyesa in the North West Province. This was followed by 35 youths on the 6th of April 2017 in Durban, KZN. 

This financial year end a total of 367 youths received training across the country. All of them received work experience in various government institutions while 25% have now secured permanent employment. 

Youth empowerment 

Speaking on behalf of Vodacom, Executive Head for Vodacom Foundation, Mthobeli Tengimfene said: 'This is Vodacom’s contribution towards the development of skills that support job creation for unemployed youth. Besides our core business, we are also committed to doing what we can to stimulate skills development and job creation within the ICT sector. Through the ICT skills training, we are now able to fulfil this commitment and also play an active role in the creation of job opportunities for young people.'

To date, a total of 972 unemployed young people were trained across the country since the inception of the programme in 2013.

Following the training, some of the youths will be able to support the network of schools connected via the Vodacom Mobile Education programme as well as engage in the reselling of Vodacom products and the developing of mobile applications or mobile apps. 

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