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Vodacom Now!

Vodacom has applied value increases on selected 30-day data bundles, allowing you to stay more connected to the things you love. On these bundles we have added more data value for the same price. You can buy the 50Mb and 150Mb bundles for the same price you used to pay for the 30MB and the 100MB bundles.

 The 1 Gig price moved from R149 to R99, in September ‘19 but was exclusive to the My Vodacom App. We have extended this now to all channels to benefit more consumers.

Allocation Value Added Current Price Increase Data Value (%)
50MB New bundle - 20MB value added R12 40%
150MB New bundle - 50MB value added R29 33%
325MB New bundle R55 33%

You can buy your data through Vodacom channels such as, the My Vodacom App or USSD on *135#, to benefit from the saving immediately.

 Vodacom has zero-rated access to the official South African COVID-19 website, to help customers stay informed, safe and up to date as developments happen. We are also providing free access to essential services through our ConnectU platform ( ConnectU provides free access to job websites, free Facebook Flex, select government sites, a full zero-rated internet search function powered by Wikipedia and free access to other essential information such as local and international news headlines, trends and the weather. It also provides free access to Vodacom e-School to assist learners while schools remain closed.

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