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    11 December 2017


    Vodacom has your back in 2018

    Give 2018 your best shot, safe in the knowledge that Vodacom has your devices covered.

    It's a brand-new year with new opportunities waiting, but accidents and unexpected situations can so quickly derail our plans. Vodacom Device Insurance is an affordable and easy way to protect your digital devices against theft, loss or damage. So, as you're making plans to get that promotion, excel on the sports field, or learn new things, make sure your devices are covered, and you'll have one less thing to worry about. 

    Starting from as little as R19/month for comprehensive insurance, you can cover all your brand-new digital devices with Vodacom, including your family's cellphones and tablets, and even laptop computers. 

    Why do I need it?

    • Digital devices are expensive to replace. The latest devices are affordable on contract, but what happens when your cellphone breaks while you're still under contract?
    • Criminals want your stuff. While we're relaxing on the beach, we might be unaware of criminals trying to steal our precious belongings.
    • Get back on the phone immediately. With Vodacom Device Insurance, your device is replaced within 48 hours through our Vodacom network.

    Benefits of Vodacom Insurance

    You always get more with Vodacom:

    • Low premiums. You can cover your brand-new digital devices starting from R19/month for comprehensive cover.
    • Quick replacement. You will have a replacement device within 48 hours of registering your claim.
    • Easy claims process. Use the easy online form to submit your claim, then get back to enjoying your well-deserved holiday.

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    Find out more about Vodacom Device Insurance at www.vodacom.co.za >>