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ICASA recently announced new regulations that change the way your cellphone provider can supply data. Here's how Vodacom is complying. 

Providing an exceptional customer experience creates a meaningful and sustainable differentiation from competitors. Vodacom remains committed to reducing the cost to communicate and extend access to communication to all as part of our vision to maintain the position of market leader.

Recently, there has been increasing pressure from both the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) and customers to remove out-of-bundle (OOB) charges. Vodacom believes that it currently respects the customer’s free choice by empowering them with choice, information and education regarding their data usage.

In order to comply with ICASA's directive, and keeping the best interests of customers top of mind, Vodacom is introducing some new measures that will help you avoid paying OOB rates for data when you surf the web. That means it will be even easier to access the best-value rates for your data. 

Keep checking back here, on Vodacom's official blog, for more news of these great features as they are rolled out.  

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