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    12 June 2019


    Vodacom launches emergency SMS for deaf customers

    The Vodacom 082 112 Emergency Service is exclusively for Vodacom’s deaf, hearing-impaired and speech-impaired customers.

    Vodacom has launched 082 112, a new emergency SMS number for deaf and hearing- or speech-impaired customers. 

    The Vodacom 082 112 SMS Emergency Service is free and exclusively provided for Vodacom Prepaid, Contract and Top Up / Hybrid customers who are deaf, hearing-impaired or speech-impaired. The service allows Vodacom customers who have these challenges to contact the 082 112 Emergency Service Contact Centre by sending an SMS from their active Vodacom devices. Currently, the Emergency Service is only available in English.

    The Vodacom 082 112 SMS Emergency Service is not designed to replace the traditional 112 emergency voice service. Customers who are able to contact the 112 voice emergency service should continue to do so.

    How to register

    Deaf, hearing- and speech-impaired customers must first register for the SMS Emergency Service in order to use this service.

    To register for the SMS Emergency Service, customers must SMS the word ‘Register’ to 082 112.  When registering for the Vodacom 082 112 SMS Emergency Service, the cellphone number and nature of disability will be mandatory fields to complete. Customers must accept the terms and conditions in order for registration to be successful.

    An Emergency Service Contact Centre agent will contact the customer to complete the remaining registration details such as name, medical aid information, medical conditions and next of kin. Note that you must provide a cellphone number for your next of kin so that the agent can call them in instances when communication has ended between you and the Emergency Service Contact Centre agent.

    How to request help 

    In order to request help during an emergency, send an SMS with the keyword ‘Help’ to 082 112 from any active Vodacom device. 

    When sending an SMS for help, include the following information:

    - Type of emergency service you require. Example: police or ambulance service.

    - Nature of emergency. Example: building on fire.

    - The location where the emergency is happening, such as the address, street name or a nearby land mark (although location-based services will be used to help pinpoint your location).

    If you request help and the Emergency Service agent fails to get more information from you after one attempt within three minutes of your SMS, they will initiate contact with your next of kin. If your next of kin is not available, the agent will proceed with dispatching an ambulance or other Emergency Services provider.

    Read more about this great service on the Vodacom website. Terms & conditions apply.