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In September 2012, ICASA released the draft Number Plan Regulations (Notice 790 of 2012) with the objective of providing for the efficient use and allocation of numbers. With the dramatic increase in the number of Machine to Machine (M2M) devices being deployed in South Africa as well as the expected growth in the market, the availability of 10 digit mobile numbers has come under pressure. This has prompted ICASA to create a dedicated 14 digit number range that will cater for all M2M services.

Vodacom has been working towards meeting the regulatory requirements and is on track to accommodate ICASA’s 14 digit Number Plan Regulation deadline of 24th March 2017. To meet this regulatory requirement, we have updated systems, policies and processes to accommodate the new 14 digit MSISDN format. All Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M customers have been notified/received instructions regarding the migrations over the last few months.

Helping customers migrate

Vodacom has been compelled to effect forced migrations for some IoT/M2M customers in order to ensure compliance. This has occurred in instances where customer communications have not been responded to. 

Vodacom has made a concerted effort in helping our customers to migrate: our project team has contacted as many customers as possible, who have been sent various notifications to draw their attention to this important matter. Vodacom appeals to all customers who have not yet migrated to make this a priority by working with their respective Vodacom account managers before 28th February 2017. 

In instances where customers do not comply with migration requirements, Vodacom will regrettably have to consider disconnecting those MSISDNs from its network or forcibly changing the MSISDN from 10 to 14 digits, in order to ensure that ICASA’s deadline is met. Where a forced migration takes place, there is a possibility of service disruption, depending on how the MSISDN is being used by the customer.

To ensure your services are not disrupted, please contact your Vodacom Account Manager or alternatively our project team at before the 28th of February 2017.

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