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    11 July 2017


    Vodacom One Net Business

    Vodacom One Net Business, the next evolution towards a truly fixed and mobile converged telephony service.

    Vodacom One Net Business, the next evolution towards a truly fixed and mobile converged telephony service.

    Vodacom One Net Business is a cloud-based, unified communication solution that seamlessly integrates your fixed and mobile telephony services across any device. Making or receiving a call in the office on an IP phone and continuing that same call by 'pulling' the call to a cellphone, tablet or desktop device, without a break in transmission, is now a reality.

    Because all this integration occurs in the cloud, the service removes the need for on-premise PBX equipment. This allows employees to work effectively, whether in the office or out and about. The One Net Business mobile and desktop apps allow for team collaboration through features like chat, peer to peer video conferencing, presence information, screen and content sharing. Best of all, One Net Business service enables working within a pay-as-you-grow model housed on our secure, managed network. 


    According to Chris Ross, Vodacom Business Managing Executive: Business Solutions: 'Being able to work remotely and on any device, can rapidly improve productivity. One Net Business delivers true convergence and a simpler, more effective way to manage communications'.

    Instant connectivity

    One Net Business allows customers to switch calls between cellphone and IP phones at the push of a button, without transferring the call. This features reduces the number of missed calls and missed opportunities by offering greater agility, productivity and efficiency with less complex solutions: 

    • Fixed and mobile convergence: Allows the user to determine how fixed and mobile calls will be answered and managed between devices.
    • One voicemail for your customers: Your cellphone and landline number become one. Be available using one number on all end devices, regardless of whether you’re in the office, at home or on your cellphone. One single voicemail inbox means you’ll never miss calls from customers again.
    • One provider: For all fixed and mobile requirements.
    • Future-proofed, Unified Communications technology in the cloud: Regular new software releases and an easy-to-use self- service portal (One Net Manager) that lets you manage your One Net Business services directly.
    • Direct calls: To the right department or person across any device.
    • Always ready to answer: Monitor the call availability of colleagues and direct calls as needed.
    • Better collaboration: With diverse collaboration tools, your teams can work together more efficiently than ever - independent of location, time and end device. Whether in video or audio conferences, through desktop sharing, presence information or chat – One Net Business users cooperate simultaneously and in real time. 

    One Net Business introduces the Vodacom One Net Mobile and Desktop App 

    No matter which devices you use to make and receive voice and video calls (the device must support video calling), One Net Business converges your fixed and mobile services, allowing you to determine how, when and where and on which device you want to answer that important customer call or message. Communications can be routed seamlessly from your desktop, tablet, IP Phone or cellphone at a push of a button. 

    Vodacom One Net Mobile and Desktop Apps provides a user-friendly full-featured experience, that lets end users quickly and easily access all of their One Net services from a wide range of devices such as cellphones, tablets and desktops. The Vodacom One Net Mobile and Desktop App is only accessible with the One Net Business advanced license.

    Opportunity rarely knocks twice

    Whether you’re in the office or on the move, you need to be able to respond and react at a moment’s notice. With One Net Business from Vodacom, you’ll be Ready to capitalise on every opportunity, no matter where you are. 

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