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Vodacom Now!

Find out why it's the best value-for-money tablet for everyday life on the market today.

The Vodacom Smart Tab 2 3G provides you with everything you'd expect from a tablet at an extremely affordable price. Enjoy access to the best apps and voice calling, and store photos and documents. You'll be able to listen to all your music, watch films and read books. Its functionality is impressive. With a sharper 1024×600 display, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of expandable storage and Android 5.1 Lollipop, this is great sequel to the original Smart Tab.

Three cheers for 3G

The 3G capability is like a Vitamin B injection for your overall user experience. You will not have to worry about downloading everything you need before you leave your house. It gives you freedom of movement, without you constantly having to ask for the Wi-Fi password.

Awesome audio

The Smart Tab 2 does not hold back when it comes to sound, both with and without headphones. Even without headphones, it is great for watching movies, music videos and clips on YouTube, or listening to your favourite soundtrack. Plug in a pair of high-end headphones to really bring the Smart Tab 2 to life.

Super SD

With the additional SD card slot, the Smart Tab 2 helps you to store more content on the device and be less reliant on the cloud. It also helps to manage your data usage. You will definitely be needing it, because with the 2MP front and back cameras at your disposal, you’ll be capturing and uploading beautiful moments on the go all the time.

Rugged look-and-feel

This is why the device is built for real life. It is anything but dainty or flimsy. Encased in black plastic, it has an oversized smartphone feel. While we’re on the topic, the Smart Tab 2 has voice calling functionality, making it a one-size-fits-all solution for multimedia starters.  

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