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Vodacom Now!

Now! spoke to Gary Hart, the Executive Head of Department of Vodacom’s Broadband Connect suite, about the upcoming MyBroadband Conference  and Vodacom's cutting-edge business solutions.

Vodacom and MyBroadband Conference

2015 marks the 11th MyBroadband Conference and features thought leaders from across the telecoms industry in South Africa. Speakers from Vodacom include Chief Executive Officer Shameel Joosub and Executive Head of Innovation Jannie Van Zyl. 

Vodacom's Broadband Connect suite will be the focus for Vodacom at the event. 

'The Vodacom Business brand is still very often associated with only mobile services, including Mobile Broadband. The MyBroadband Conference is an ideal platform for Vodacom to demonstrate, communicate and reinforce our focus to Total Communications including mobile, fixed (such as fibre) and fixed wireless (such as microwave, satellite and LTE),' says Hart.

'The Broadband Connect portfolio is a family of different access solutions that deliver high-speed Broadband Internet which is underpinned by Guarantee service excellence to our customers. The different solutions provide different attributes, which we offer customers a range of options to choose from, so they can select the best option for their business. Not only do the solutions provide high-speed internet, but also provide "voice" services using VoIP (Voice over IP), says Hart.

Vodacom Broadband Connect for business 

Product overview: Attributes:
Fixed, two flavours (Premium and Lite) – Capped & Uncapped, High Speed (3mbps–100mbps), Symmetric Bandwidth, VoIP Capable, WiFi-enabled CPE, Static IP Address
LTE Fixed Wireless, Plug and Play, Delivered to your door, Capped only: 5GB to 40GB, Average 15mbps, Asymmetric Bandwidth, VoIP Capable, WiFi-enabled CPE, Only Dynamic IP Address today
Wireless Fixed Wireless, Capped (10GB -> 50GB) and Uncapped (2mbps–40mbps) offering, Symmetric Bandwidth, VoIP Capable, WiFi-enabled CPE, Static IP Address
Satellite Fixed Wireless, Capped Only (3GB–20GB), Asymmetric Bandwidth, Speeds between 512kbps and 4mbps, VoIP Capable, WiFi-enabled CPE, Static IP Address


'Broadband Internet is no longer a nice to have, it is a business imperative for businesses of all sizes to be able to compete effectively and deliver value to their customers. It enables their business to be more productive, effective and connected,' says Hart.

What makes Vodacom’s solutions superior?

  • Redundancy – inherent redundancy is built into all areas of the core network, international links and submarine cable systems.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) – we actively monitor uptime and throughput.
  • Low contention ratios – our Broadband Connect business services have low contention, offering superior QoS.
  • Coverage – depending which option businesses choose, they will enjoy a range of different coverage benefits.
  • Choice of different options – Fibre, LTE, Wireless and Satellite.
  • Guaranteed service excellence
  • Time to install – depending which solution is selected, we can have businesses up and connected within three to four days.

What factors will business customers need to take into consideration when choosing an offering?

  • Their location, which will affect coverage.
  • Do they want Capped or Uncapped bandwidth?
  • What throughput or speed (Mbps) are they looking for?
  • Quality of Service – for example, which offerings are most susceptible to latency (delay in transmission).
  • Do they want Fixed or Wireless? They must weigh up the risks of cable theft vs a long time to install.
  • Budget.


For more information about Broadband Connect and other innovative solutions, go to the Vodacom Business website now »

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