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    25 October 2021


    Vodacom Smart Asset Management Solution

    As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Vodacom Business is transforming local government utility management through the Vodacom Smart Asset Management Solution (SAMS).

    Vodacom Business, in partnership with Mezzanine, has developed the SAMS digital asset management solution which digitises the way assets are monitored and managed, making them more efficient, more accurate, and easier to monitor. The aim is to maximise an organisation or municipality’s service delivery potential while minimising related risks and costs over their assets’ lifecycles. 

    The challenge 

    Unmonitored assets can lead to downtime, service delivery issues, non-payment, and non-compliance with statutory requirements. Asset monitoring plays a crucial role in preventing fast deterioration, operational issues, and lack of maintenance.  

    The management of physical assets is a structured process of decision-making over the acquisition, use, safeguarding and disposal of assets to maximise their service delivery potential and benefits and to minimise their risks and costs over their lifecycle. 

    The solution 

    Smart Asset Management Solution (SAMS) is a digital asset monitoring solution that facilitates the monitoring, management, and maintenance of assets while enabling compliance with the prevailing accounting standards. The platform harnesses the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile technology to provide a cost-effective service for enterprises to efficiently monitor active assets remotely. The process starts with the registration of passive assets into a web application for information management, the creation of dashboards, and compliance management. 

    SAMS has already been in use in Matlosana Municipality, North West, for four years. Municipal manager Theetsi Nkhumise confirms SAMS has made asset management and acquisitions a more streamlined and simpler process: “SAMS has assisted us a lot; we now have a complete asset register we can [use to] account to the Auditor General regarding all assets that the municipality owns.”  

    “For example, we’re just about to purchase refuse trucks. We already know how many trucks need to be sold, and the condition of each. Thanks to the system, I can access the data I need instantly.”  

    The SAMS platform provides asset owners and custodians with a set of digital operational and decision-support tools to monitor, maintain and manage their assets optimally throughout their lifecycle. Efficient asset management requires interoperability within and across organisational boundaries, such as finance, operations and maintenance, and risk. SAMS is designed to offer an interoperable framework and provide a single source of truth. 

    Matlosana Municipality’s technical director Ratidzai Madimutsa says the SAMS platform is vital for effective and efficient service delivery: “We’ve made the SAMS platform available to the community of Matlosana as both a web- and mobile-based system, which allows them to communicate on all aspects relating to service delivery.       

    “As members of the municipality, we need to monitor the effectiveness of how we provide service delivery to the community. Thanks to the SAMS platform, we’re able to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the people on the ground. 

    “This means that at the end of the day we can account for the overtime claimed, the resources used etc, which will help improve the process and effectiveness of service delivery within our municipality.” 

    By harnessing the power of mobile, web and IoT technology, SAMS assists public sector entities to improve service delivery, operational efficiencies, compliance with financial standards, and last-mile visibility to monitor assets effectively. In this way advisers are enabled to identify critical assets for active monitoring using IoT transducers (devices that convert energy from one device to another). In-field asset verification will also be made possible via a mobile application. SAMS is the ideal solution for digital – and non-digital –institutions and enterprises that want to improve their assets’ efficiency and increase their lifespan. 

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