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Vodacom Now!

For only R1 099, you can own a phone with a super-crisp display, a cutting-edge operating system, a decent camera, a free Top Dog voucher plus, if you buy it prepaid, six months of free data.

Great display

The large 5-inch screen offers a FWVGA display, meaning you get Full Wide Video Graphics Array on the Smart Grand. This gives you full-width graphics and video, with no cropping. In other words, all the videos and graphics you see will be the entire image – so you won’t miss a thing!

Fast processor

The Smart Grand uses a quad-core processor, which means that tasks get divided up so that they are done by four different 'cores'. Tasks get completed faster than on a phone with only a dual-core processor, and you get to enjoy pretty speedy functionality. It also means the Smart Grand has a longer battery life than a phone with a dual-core processor would have, since each core works less hard and so each draws less power from the battery.

New Android operating system

The Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system of the Smart Grand gives you access to lots of great Google apps and services (including Gmail, Google Photos and the Play Store), so your experience will be very similar to more expensive phones on the market.

But that’s not all – the improved visual design of the Lollipop system puts its appearance right up there with Apple’s iOS, and its new-look, intuitive notification system makes your phone very easy to use.

Plus, it’s got built-in power-saving capabilities thanks to Project Volta, Google’s solution for improving battery life.

And you’ll love Lollipop’s innovative Pin Apps mode – it lets you 'pin' certain apps so that people using your phone can’t navigate anywhere else. Basically, it lets you add an extra layer of security because they’ll be 'locked' onto that app and can only move away from it with your passcode.

5MP Camera

The 5MP camera on the Smart Grand is more than adequate for everyday mobile-phone photography, and with its front-facing camera, you’ll be able to make video calls using Google Hangouts – and it’s also very handy for taking selfies!

Education voucher and access

You’ll get a Top Dog education voucher for free with the Smart Grand, so you can access really useful educational resources on the Top Dog website. You’ll also be gifted free access to Vodacom’s e-school portal, where you’ll find learning materials aligned to the South African curriculum – and, best of all, you won’t use any data when you access it, since it’s zero-rated for you as a Vodacom customer.

Get the Smart Grand 3G Smartphone

The Vodacom Smart Grand 3G will be available from R89 per month x 24 months, or R1 099 on prepaid (which comes with 100MB of data for free for six months).

Check the Vodacom website for the latest online deals » 

Vodacom Smart Grand 3G Smartphone specs

Display     5-inch FWGVA
OS Android 5.1 Lollipop
Battery 1800 mAh
Camera (main) 5MB
Camera (front) 0.3MP
Storage 4GB Emmc
RAM     1GB
Processor Quad-core 1.3GHz CPU


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