Device reviews
    27 October 2016


    Vodacom Smart turbo 7

    Vodacom's Smart turbo 7 makes LTE available to everyone.

    Vodacom’s Smart turbo 7 is the perfect combination of speed, tech and user-friendliness, and its inclusion of LTE means that fast, reliable internet browsing is now available to anyone. Here are some more of its best features.


    The viewing experience has been enhanced with a 5” display, an upgrade from its predecessor, the Smart speed 6. The high resolution gives the phone a sharp, crisp screen with a clear reproduction of colours. The lock-screen shortcuts provide easy access to useful functions such as Calculator, Flashlight, Timer, voice search, notes and alarms. 


    Quick and easy setup

    The Smart turbo 7 is brilliantly set up for first-time users. The phone comes pre-installed with the latest version of the Android Marshmallow operating system and it only has a handful of apps installed, too. 

    Admittedly, that's partly because the phone has just 8GB of storage, only 3.98GB of which is actually available. This doesn't leave a lot of room for anything else, particularly once you've downloaded a game or two, so adding a microSD card is an absolute must. The slot for this is underneath the rear panel above the fixed battery.


    The 5MP camera means that the Smart 7 turbo won’t help you win any Photo of the Year competitions, but it’s certainly good enough for the occasional snap and selfie. Add to this the ability to record 720P video, and the result is an extremely functional camera for most situations. The camera also includes the following features:

    •  HDR, panorama, collage, interval capture and more.

    •  Dedicated ‘Selfie’ functions such as collage, gesture capture, and timer 

    •  A manual mode that includes ISO, grid, shutter speed, exposure and white balance. 



    The Smart turbo 7 is an ideal phone for a younger user, making it a great option for a Christmas present for your child, and it's also a good option for anyone on a budget. If you've got a higher-end phone and want a device that's less valuable to take with you on holiday or to a party or festival, the Smart turbo 7 is an excellent option. 

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