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1st Feb 19

Please Call Me

Vodacom Statement at Please Call Me Press Conference

1st Feb 19

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Attendees: Byron Kennedy (Executive Head of Media Relations), Nkateko Nyoka (Chief Officer for Legal and Regulatory, Takalani Netshitenzhe (Chief Officer for Corporate Affairs) and Till Streichert (Group Chief Financial Officer)

  1. We are holding this press conference to provide you with the facts as we see them and update you as to where we see this matter.
  2. The dispute started back in 2001, when Mr Makate was a full-time employee of Vodacom. At the time he proposed an idea or concept to allow people without airtime to send a message requesting a call back
  3. A protracted legal dispute developed.  The matter went to the Johannesburg High Court, which held that there was no legally binding contract between Mr. Makate and Vodacom. Mr. Makate’s applications for leave to appeal this ruling were dismissed by both the High Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal.
  4. The Constitutional Court, on appeal, subsequently found that there was an agreement between Vodacom and Mr. Makate but noted that an outstanding contractual term - the price to be paid for Mr. Makate’s idea - still had to be negotiated.
  5. The Constitutional Court instructed Vodacom and Mr. Makate to enter into negotiations and, in good faith, to agree ‘reasonable compensation payable to him’.
  6. It also directed that in the event of a deadlock, The Vodacom Group CEO, Mr Shameel Joosub, would be called on to break the deadl...

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