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Vodacom Now!

For just R3 199, you can get your hands on the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6, a phone that packs way more punch than the price would suggest.

Large display

You’ll notice at first glance that it’s unique in this price range, with an impressively large 5.5” full-HD IPS display and a high-resolution, super-crisp screen.

Great battery life

Thanks to its cutting-edge, energy efficient octa-core processor, it also promises a much longer battery life than an equivalent phone with a quad-core processor. This, combined with its 3000mAh battery, should get you about two days’ worth of power from the Ultra 6 before having to recharge.

Super-fast internet

Connecting on 4G rather than 3G means you’ll enjoy much faster internet speeds with the Ultra 6, and, being an Android-powered phone, it gives you access to all the benefits of Google services and apps, including Gmail and Google Photos.

13MP camera

The Google Photos app, which allows you to back up, view, edit and share photos across all your devices, will be particularly useful for you as the owner of a Smart Ultra 6, since you’ll be taking a lot of photos. 

The camera on this phone is, quite simply, its crowning glory: with a 13MP premium rear camera and 5MP in front, you’ll be blown away at the quality of the images you’re able to capture.


And, like all really good deals, the Smart Ultra 6 comes with great freebies: a Top Dog Education Voucher which you can use to access educational resources on the Top Dog website, as well as free access to Vodacom’s e-school portal

You’ll find valuable learning resources aligned with the South African school curriculum here, and you won’t need to use any of your data when using the portal, since it is zero-rated for Vodacom customers.

Get the Smart Ultra 6

The Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 will be available from R199 per month x 24 months plus an additional 1GB data for 3 months. 

Check the Vodacom website for the latest online deals »  

Display     5.5-inch, full-HD IPS
OS Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
Battery 3000mAh
Camera (main) 13MP
Camera (front) 5MP
Storage 16GB
Processor Octa-core chipset


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