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Vodacom Now!

The increased cost of living is intensifying as food, electricity, water and municipal tariffs increase. These are just some of the threats that you have to face when trying to manage a positive budget and save money.  

During the month of March, you can take charge of your monthly budget by getting 10% more in prepaid electricity and water when using the VodaPay Masterpass app. This is how it works – If you buy R200 worth of electricity, you get an extra R20 worth of electricity to use on your prepaid meter.

Best of all, the VodaPay app is not only for Vodacom customers, anyone with a valid South African cell number and bank card can use the app.

Since its inception six months ago, VodaPay boasts more than 10,000 active users. In addition to prepaid electricity and water, Vodacom customers can buy prepaid data, airtime and SMS or voice bundles directly through the app. Users simply select the “pay bills” menu option to settle a variety of accounts including DStv, taking care of a traffic fine or an SABC television license.

The app also provides additional voice and data value where customers can get an extra 10% on prepaid airtime or 1GB of data at R49 valid for 7 days, or 1GB of data for R19 valid for one day. Users of the VodaPay app can also access special offers like these under the promotions tab.

To get 10% more on electricity or water, download the VodaPay Masterpass app, register and start enjoying the benefits.

How VodaPay works

1.         Download the VodaPay App from the Apple App Store or your Android Play Store

2.         Add your bank card details

3.         Buy your electricity and water and get 10% more from your purchase

For further information on VodaPay, click here.

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