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    08 December 2015


    Voicemail 2 SMS

    Read your voicemails as SMSs, anytime, anywhere.

    How often have you retrieved a voicemail in the past year? It seems that listening to your voice messages is quickly going the way of consumer video cameras.

    But that doesn't mean that you can afford to ignore all the voice messages people stubbornly continue to leave you. Vodacom's Voicemail 2 SMS service converts every English, audible voice message you get in your voicemail inbox to an SMS – so you can choose to read it at any time. 

    Here are three reasons to get Vodacom's Voicemail 2 SMS service:

    You won't have to hunt for a pen

    Of course, you will never need to go on a mad scramble for a pen when someone leaves you their number on your voicemail. You will have it right there, in black and white, on an SMS. Think how much time this will save you, especially when you're on the move. You can also reply to the voicemail directly via SMS.

    It's discreet

    When you're in a meeting or having dinner with the in-laws, and an urgent voicemail comes in, you won't have to hold your phone to your ear to check it. With the recent boom in data-enabled smartphones, it's become much more socially acceptable to read your phone in company than to look as if you're making a call.

    It saves roaming costs

    You'll be able to read your converted voicemails as SMSs without incurring costly roaming charges when you're abroad. You can also reply to your voicemails directly over SMS, so you won't need to make any phone calls at all.

    It's affordable

    A monthly subscription to Voicemail 2 SMS costs only R19, which will automatically be added to your phone bill. All Vodacom Contract and Top Up customers who have an active Voicemail service can get Voicemail 2 SMS. 

    And, even if you've subscribed to the service, you can choose to listen to your voicemails instead, if you find yourself yearning for 2012.

    To activate the service call 082 111 free from your Vodacom phone, or log in to My Vodacom.

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