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    01 July 2014


    What is Vodacom uChoose?

    Here’s everything you need to know about Vodacom’s flexible, budget-friendly new Top Up plans: uChoose.

    Vodacom’s uChoose plans are designed for the budget-conscious. They make it easy to control exactly how much you want to spend every month, find a handset that fits your budget and still access Prepaid promotions. 

    The plans are affordable, flexible and designed to suit the way you use your phone – whether you’re a talkaholic or a social media junkie.

    Flexible plans

    There are two types of uChoose plans. uChoose Smart plans include a specific number of monthly minutes, SMSes and data for a fixed monthly fee each month, while uChoose Flexi plans include a set amount of monthly airtime only. 

    All-in-one: uChoose Smart plans

    These are all-in-one plans. You receive a set number of minutes, SMSes and MBs of data every month for the duration of the 24-month contract. Once you’ve used up your monthly allocation you won’t be charged another cent – unless you choose to top up your plan by recharging your airtime and buying data and SMS bundles.

    This gives you the convenience of a monthly contract without the fear of running up a huge bill. It also means you’re able to control how much you want to spend.

    Airtime only: uChoose Flexi plans

    The uChoose Flexi plans work in the same way as the Smart plans, except you receive a lump sum of airtime every month – from R50 up to R750. You can then use your airtime in whatever way suits you, whenever you need it. 

    Using your airtime, you can purchase data bundles and SMS bundles in the quantities you need. If you do run out of airtime, you won't be charged any additional amounts unless you choose to recharge, as you would with a Prepaid account.

    A handset is optional

    Both the Smart and Flexi uChoose plans are available with or without a handset. If you don’t want a new phone, you don’t have to get one. Instead you’ll receive a SIM card and only pay for the services you need such as voice minutes, SMS and data.

    However, if you are looking for a stylish new phone, your monthly instalments will depend on the model you choose – whether it’s a pocket-friendly smartphone or a state-of-the art flagship model. 

    Access Prepaid promotions: *135#

    What makes uChoose plans even more affordable is that you can take advantage of all the same promotions available to Prepaid users, benefiting from great savings. 

    Simply dial *135# and you’ll have access to all the latest promotions such as Power Bundles and Power Hour.

    Recharging is easy

    If you do need to top up your plan and buy additional airtime, data or SMSes, there are a few simple ways to do it:

    • Express Recharge: Buy airtime or data bundles with your ABSA, Standard Bank or Nedbank debit or credit card directly on your phone. 
    • Airtime Advance: uChoose customers qualify for R10 Airtime Advance. Use it to get a R5 or R10 Airtime Advance and only pay the next time you recharge your account. 
    • Instant Top Up: Once activated, you can use Instant Top Up to recharge now and only pay for it when you receive your monthly bill at the end of the following month. Instant Top Up can be activated for free with your service provider or any approved Vodacom dealer.
    •  PIN/ PINLESS Voucher: Buy an airtime voucher at a retail store and recharge by dialling *136*01*Recharge PIN#.

    For more information on how to use the above services go to www.vodacom.co.za.

    Take a look at the variety of uChoose Top Up deals available right now on Vodacom Online.