Device reviews
    13 October 2016


    What’s new with the iPhone 7?

    Everybody’s talking about the new iPhone – but is this new release really lucky number 7 for Apple?

    Few things get tech fans as excited as a new release from Apple. Kept a closely guarded secret, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are no exceptions. While we wait for the South Africa launch date to be announced, let’s take a look at the most exciting new features.

    The headline change

    The change that has everyone talking is Apple’s abandonment of the old-fashioned, ubiquitous headphone jack. It was necessary to give the phone a sleek, trim new profile, and to open up the possibilities of headphone tech. If you're nostalgic for the old jack, you'll be interested to know that it was an analogue connector that was invented for the first telephone switchboards at the end of the 19th century. It's probably time for a new, digital connection.

    Happily for those attached to their old-school headphones, the new iPhone comes with an adapter so you can still use them. And for an even snazzier alternative, the new Air Pods are generating a lot of buzz – wireless headphones you can buy separately.

    Making a splash

    The other big change is that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are both splash and water resistant. No more sinking feeling if you accidentally drop your iPhone in your drink, which must be a good thing. Being waterproof has long been a selling point of several popular Android devices, so Apple’s really giving the competition a run for its money here.

    The bigger picture

    For many, a smartphone is the only camera you own. Then you’ll be thrilled to know that the new iPhone 7 Plus comes with not one but two front-facing cameras. This means that instead of digital zoom, which can pixellate your pics, you’ll have optical zoom, like a real telephoto lens.

    The iPhone 7’s camera has improved as well, with a larger f/1.8 aperture to improve photos taken in low light.

    The selfie cam can only be described as next level – 7MP HD with Retina Flash means no more pixellated selfies, even in low light.

    I’m too sexy

    The iPhone is – no surprises here – good looking, encased in aero-space grade aluminium, and with a customisable Home button.

    The iPhone 7 Plus has all the great features of the 7, but it has a 5.5” screen against the 7’s 4.7” display. The screen is also the best ever, brighter and sharper than ever before, with a wider range of colours. It’s great for watching video – and the new stereo speakers mean you’ll have an incredible, immersive sound experience as well.

    What’s inside?

    The new A10 fusion chip means a faster phone that’s able to juggle all the apps you throw at it. It also supports more storage, meaning you can now get a 256GB option (128GB was the max for the iPhone 6s).

    Both handsets come with iOS 10, with improved Messages, Maps and Siri, and the fun option to create video ‘memories’ with your pics in the camera app.

    It also has a way better battery, giving you an extra two hours on the iPhone 7 vs the 6s, and an extra hour on the 7 Plus vs 6s Plus.

    I’m sold! When can I get one?

    The iPhone 7 is now available via pre-register on Vodacom. Place your order now.