11 February 2019


    Where and how to work remotely

    Spending less physical time in the office is becoming the norm. But what does it mean for your workspace and productivity?

    Spending less physical time in an office is becoming more of a norm and many people are working more flexibly. But what does it mean for your workspace and productivity?

    Working from home (especially if you have kids) can be distracting and requires discipline. You also may not have the space to set up a home office. Luckily, there are tools and locations available to help you embrace this trend.

    Tools to be more productive when working remotely

    Since you can’t shout across the office or hand a document to someone, apps, storage solutions and communication tools are highly important. You’ll need tools for the following:

    • Project management: Apps like Trello and Asana can help you to keep track of what you’re doing as well as where things are in the production process if you work with others.
    • Storage: You may need to save files for your own use or have them readily accessible for other team members. Dropbox, Google Drive and Wetransfer can help with this.
    • Communication: Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack and Appear.in are all good options for holding meetings or keeping in touch with colleagues and clients.

    Of course, access to the above tools is dependent on reliable internet, access to a laptop or computer, and a smartphone. Click here to get the best internet, laptop and smartphone deals from Vodacom.

    Where to work remotely

    Now that you’ve gained access to the necessary technology and tools, you’ll need a place to physically set up. Rather than hiring or buying office space, consider a co-working space. This can save on costs, provide more flexibility and allow you to network. Vodacom World is an example of a co-working space, it consists of various settings to suit your needs. The Learning Labs, Theatre, Connection Labs and Activation Arena are all available to book for SME’s, organisations and individuals.

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