Why Vodacom Business Internet Wireless Is The Ideal Internet Connection For Your Business Needs
06 December 2023


Why Vodacom Business Internet Wireless Is The Ideal Internet Connection For Your Business Needs

It’s versatile, fast, secure and offers multiple business solutions in one package. These are just some of the reasons to consider Vodacom Business Internet Wireless for your business. 

Connectivity is essential for every business. Without it, you simply can’t expect to service your customers and keep up with your competitors. 

In addition to providing internet access for staff, your internet connection also drives your company’s cloud computing potential, smart monitoring ability, and potential to implement Internet of Things (IoT) systems. 

To meet these needs, look no further than Vodacom. Our impressive and versatile wireless internet offering provides the necessary speed and secure connection to render all these services, and even offers connectivity to customers in some industries. 

What You Get And What Your Options Are With Business Internet Wireless?  

  • TP Link MR600 router: It’s plug and play, doesn’t require any downloads, is 4G+ compatible and guarantees top speeds constantly. 

  • Free installation: Vodacom will install all the necessary equipment, including the router. This installation will be free if you apply for a 24- or 36-month deal, however the 12-month option comes with an installation charge 

  • Internet calls On Voice Over IP: With Vodacom IP Talk you can make calls using your existing business internet.  With this package you can save up to 20% on monthly voice calls and get free on-net calls between two Vodacom IP-Talk users. 

  • Committed voice channel: This is an optional add-on that provides a separate voice channel, which doesn’t affect your data channel, maintaining smooth connectivity. 


How Good Is Vodacom Business Internet Wireless?  

You can achieve speeds up to 80Mbps. The setup is professionally installed by a verified Vodacom installer and includes an antennae, which is placed within a clear line of sight to the nearest tower for optimal operation, and then connected via ethernet cable to the router.  

The Business Internet Wireless setup is strong enough to receive signal even if it’s as much as 15km away from the closest signal tower. So, even if your business is based in a remote area, you can still connect.  

Which deals are on offer and how can I get them? 

Standard business Internet Wireless Plans: Get these on a 12, 24 or 36-month deal but note that installation is only free with the 24 and 36-month option.   

For more information about the Vodacom Business Internet Wireless Plans, click here.