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2nd Dec 17


With Red, you can fly!

2nd Dec 17

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You know you can expect more than a contract with Red - now you can expect your dream holiday too! As a Red customer, you qualify for up to 50% off the base fare of your Emirates ticket - and you can extend the discount to your family and friends travelling with you. 

Emirates is one of the world’s largest airlines, servicing more than 140 cities, in 81 countries around the globe. Whether it’s a tropical getaway in Southeast Asia, or a snowy ski trip in Europe you’re dreaming of, Emirates will fly you there in style, and for an incredible fare. 

The discounts

Red plan holder discount*

  • Economy class: 50% discount
  • Business class: 35% discount
  • First class: 25% discount

Travelling companions*

  • Economy class: 25% discount
  • Business class: 20% discount
  • First class: 20% discount

*Please note that the discount is on the base fare only, and does not apply to taxes, fuel surcharges and any other fees that may be incurred. 

How do you qualify for this offer?

 To qualify for this offer you must be:

  1. 18 years old
  2. A permanent resident of South Africa
  3. A Vodacom contract customer on any of the following plan
  • Red VIP
  • Red Premium+       
  • Red Classic+
  • Red Select+ Top uP
  • Red Select+
  • Red More Data
  • Red Business
  • Red Professional
  • Red Executive
  • Red Business
  • Red Professional+
  • Red Executive
  1. Be within your 24-month contract period (if you have passed your upgrade date, you will need to upgrade your contract on of the Red contracts listed above to qualify for the benefit). New contracts and upgrades will only reflect at the end of the month in which the contract upgrade was processed.
  2. Vodacom employees qualify for a portion of the discount as outlined in the discounted fares section.

 How do you make a booking?

  1. Vodacom customers must register a profile of personal information through the link provided on the Vodacom.co.za website – Vodacom.co.za/red
  2. Registered customers who qualify can call 0872366591 to make their booking or Email info@flyred.co.za
  3. Please note that bookings can only be made via the above channels to qualify for the Vodacom RED discounts. 
  4. Call centre operating hours are: Mon-Fri 9h00-16h00/Sat 9h00-12h00
  5. Only the registered RED Customer will be eligible for the full discount as outlined in the discount breakdown below. Additional travelers will receive the additional traveler discount when booking with the RED customer on a single travel booking.
  6. Profiles are not transferable and only one profile is permitted per individual customer per RED contract line.
  7. Once a customer has registered for the benefit and chooses to make use of the discounts on offer, the customer agrees to give Vodacom permission to share their registered profile details with the Fly Red travel hub to validate that they are a Vodacom RED customer. the Fly Red travel hub will only be able to view the details when the customer supplies their Vodacom. The following details will be captured during the registration process:
  • Full Names (as appears on ID/Passport)
  • Surname (as appears on ID/Passport)
  • ID number
  • Vodacom Cell Number
  • Email address

To get more information on how to take up this offer visit www.vodacom.co.za/RED or contact the Vodacom Support Desk on 082 135.


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