08 August 2017


    Women are ReConnecting at Vodacom

    Vodacom has launched ReConnect, a programme designed to attract women who are returning to the workplace.

    Vodacom has launched ReConnect, a programme designed to attract women who are returning to the workplace.

    Vodacom's ReConnect programme is designed to attract talented women who have left the workplace for several years - in many cases to raise a family. These women would like to return to work fulltime or on a flexible basis, but sometimes struggle to make the professional connections needed, or to refresh the skills required. 

    That's where ReConnect can help. Vodafone, Vodacom's global parent company, recognised the incredible potential of this group of women, and were determined to help them return to fulfilling, exciting careers. 

    ReConnect operates across 26 countries, including SA. It complements other Vodafone global initiatives focused on encouraging and supporting women in the workplace, including the Group’s ground-breaking global maternity policy which was announced in 2015. 

    ReConnect for success 

    Vodacom is committed to increasing the proportion of women in management and leadership roles. Under the ReConnect programme, up to 500 women on career breaks are being recruited into management roles across Vodafone over the next three years, accounting for around 10% of all Vodafone external management hires over that period. In addition, Vodafone is recruiting up to 500 women on career breaks into a range of frontline roles. 

    The ReConnect programme includes:


    • Recruitment outreach activities to make contact with, and raise awareness among, women on career breaks;
    • A dedicated talent acquisition specialist assists with the marketing of candidates for possible opportunities within Vodacom
    • At Vodacom four employees from the Reconnect Programme have been included in our flagship Female Leaders Programme presented by GIBS business school
    • Training and induction programmes to refresh and enhance professional skills and help women prepare for re-entry to the workplace;
    • Unconscious bias training for hiring managers.

    Apply for ReConnect

    Go to the Vodacom website and click on the Careers tab to see what opportunities are available for you.