Brand with a purpose
    06 February 2014


    You could change the world

    Every year 20 skilled volunteers are paid by Vodacom to dedicate their expertise to a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) through the Vodacom Change the World programme.

    For the first time since the inception of Change the World (CtW), current volunteers may apply to work with their NPO for another year.

    The feedback from volunteers who’ve taken part in the Change the World programme shows that CtW isn’t just about helping volunteers live their passions and change the world, it’s also transformed them in surprising ways. 

    Kim Gustafson, the first Vodacom employee to take part in CtW, has been working with Etafeni Day Care and says the experience has taught her a lot: “My priorities have changed. In a way it’s made me more determined to succeed because I’ve realised just how blessed I am compared to others. I also feel humbled because of the idealistic view I had of how simple it looked to fix everything, but you don’t really know anything until you have worked on the ground with people who live this life every single day.”

    One of the 2013 volunteers, Michael Stevens says: “Even if I don’t get paid – I will continue full-time to work with Jumping Kids to ensure that children that need prosthetic limbs are able to lead normal and active lives.” 

    Project accountant for Afrika Tikkun, Naazneen Tarmohamed has gone beyond her focus of putting better financial systems in place by fundraising for her NPO as well: “Working with Afrika Tikkun has made a huge positive difference to me!”

    Baveena Nathoo (pictured) spent her year at SHAWCO’s student-run education arm that aims to improve the quality of life for individuals in developing communities within the Manenberg and Cape Flats areas in Cape Town. Her sport and cultural programmes ensure that the children stay off the streets and don’t join gangs. To achieve this, she has created her own sport “gangs”. 

    Maya Makanjee, Chief Officer, Vodacom Group says: “The success and sustainability of the CtW programme can be seen in the number of current and past volunteers who have indicated that they want to apply again as well as CtW volunteers who have started their own NPOs and have made working in this sector their life’s work.” 

    For more volunteer stories, go to www.vodacomctw.co.za.

    The amazing initiative is going into its fourth year. More than 1 200 applied last year. Go to www.vodacomctw.co.zanow to apply.