28 April 2021


    YouTube channels to indulge in this Mother’s Day.

    This Mother’s Day, why not treat yourself to some ‘me time' and stream one of these cool and entertaining Youtube channels?

    Enjoy some me time this Mother’s Day and stream some of these great YouTube channels where SA mom vloggers share their take on life and motherhood.

    Art of Superwoman – Olwethu Leshabane

    Media entrepreneur Olwethu Leshabane is a mom of three boys. Here on her vlog she shares a bit about her life as well as her experience of having a beautiful and healing natural birth after two Caesarean sections. She was inspired to get her doula certification and aims to hold space for more women, no matter what their birthing journeys are.

    Baked the Vlog – Aisha Baker-Parnell

    Since starting her YouTube channel, local fashion and beauty blogger Aisha Baker has become a mom and created the Millennial Mama brand – a creative, knowledge-sharing conversation event with young mothers. She’s currently expecting her second child.

    Mommy and baby approved – Olerato Moiloa

    Olerato Moiloa shares her world and life with her followers to show that parenting can be coupled with awesome adventures and excellent adulting.  In between, she manages to share an inspiring new video every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm!

    Kaboutjie – Lynne Huysamen

    Motherhood comes with all kinds of challenges and Lynne Huysamen creates content to help moms overcome some of them. She covers topics like fitness, gay parenting, how to teach children about racism, building mental resilience and loads more.

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