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At Vodacom Business, we understand how important it is for you to know how your data is managed and how it is used. Data is the fuel for the digital economy and is at the core of driving insight-driven business transactions—from decision-making to cross-departmental collaboration. Organizations deal with an abundance of data across the enterprise, creating an opportunity to deliver insights and drive material outcomes to gain a competitive advantage.

For example, automobile companies rely on consumer, competitive, financial and market data to determine which new features and technology to add to next generation cars. In the hospitality industry, marketing teams model consumer behavior data to personalize offers for guests. Farmers leverage data to determine the best times for planting crops, fertilizing and irrigating their land. Even healthcare organizations rely on data to define standardized materials and surgical instruments for the operating room.

In each of these scenarios, insights from data are driving increased sales, reducing operational expenses, generating higher crop yields, and improving customer service or patient care. Collectively, these insights are driving outcomes with real, actionable impact on businesses and people’s lives.

How do I keep my employees connected?

As of March 1, 2019 ICASA regulations enforced that all data users must either have given consent to go over their data bundle limits and payout of bundle rates; or have the data service on their lines blocked when their bundles are depleted.  The latter will result in business disruption due to all data services being stopped. We offer a third option to enable business continuity: Data refill.

Ensuring that there is no business disruption is simple. Select one of the following options to keep your employees’ data service-connected. Vodacom has slashed out of bundle data pricing rate from R0.89/MB to R0.49/MB, keeping you confidently connected. To continue using data at the low out of bundle data rate of R0.49/MB please complete the DLL spreadsheet template - attached.

Never go out of bundle by selecting a Data Refill Bundle

For Top-Up Lines: At R0.30/MB select R3 for 10MB Data Refill Bundle. Each time data bundles are depleted, the refill bundle will be allocated to that line, as many times as required.  For this to be effective, please complete the Data Refill spreadsheet template - attached.*    

For Contract lines: At R0.40/MB select R12 for 30MB Data Refill Bundle.  Each time data bundles are depleted, the refill bundle will be allocated to that line, as many times as required.  For this to be effective, please complete Data Refill spreadsheet template - attached.*    

 * The Data Refill bundle is not able to be transferred or rolled over.

As per your current arrangement with Vodacom, you can email your selection with the spreadsheet template to You can also restore data services on your lines using the following channels: 

For account administrators

  • Call Vodacom Business Support on 1940 (for your convenience available 24 hours, 7 days)
  • Send an email to Vodacom OOB Management Helpdesk 
  • Contact your Vodacom Account Manager
  • Contact Vodacom Business Managed Service Desk  (dial 182 1948, 8am – 5pm on weekdays)

For employees with self-service enabled on their lines

  • Call Vodacom Business Support on 1940, free from your Vodacom line (for your convenience available 24 hours, 7 days)
  • Dial *135# to buy data bundles or consent for out of bundle charges

Credit card facilities

  • Employees may purchase data bundles using their personal credit cards on the MyVodacomApp
  • Download the latest version of MyVodacomApp, and select “Buy Data Bundles”.
  • For more detail visit Vodacom Business online

The future is data and it is driving business outcomes from the boardroom to the operating room—and everywhere in between.


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