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Under normal circumstances, South Africa is ranked the 30th driest country in the world, but now, in the midst of the worst drought in two decades, and with really good rains predicted to be five to seven years away, managing our water resources effectively is more critical than ever. Water restrictions are currently implemented across the country, and, for many, the water situation has reached crisis levels. 

Raising public awareness about water conservation has been an important government mandate in the months since restrictions were first levelled in October last year. But over and above the work needed at a government level, the private sector needs to get on board too if we are to weather the crisis. 

What role can business play?

Smarter water resource management is as important as the resource itself. By leveraging smart technologies, business owners can identify and solve problems quickly. Water management solutions can give businesses a real-time overview of infrastructure, spot faults like leaks early and identify issues like unauthorised water use across multiple locations. All of which will help cut down on unnecessary wastage.

How can Vodacom's Water Management solution help?

Vodacom’s Water Metering solution is designed to help business monitor water usage in real time, improve billing accuracy and get insights to adapt consumption, all across multiple locations. Faults can be identified and resources optimised. This ultimately results in water savings and improved efficiencies. 

Vodacom's Water Metering solution includes:

Reliable technology: Robust Data logger

  • Automated meter readings (AMRs)
  • Both flow and/or pressure reading channels
  • Readings taken at predetermined intervals
  • Meter data is sent via GPRS to monitoring platform
  • Early warning alarm notifications sent by logger via SMS
  • Meter data is managed and stored on the monitoring platform
  • Logger has extended battery life of up to five years

Secure platform: Remote Monitoring Portal

  • Internet-based data acquisition, hosting and analysis platform 
  • Continuous and remote monitoring management of water consumption
  • Recorded data viewable in tabular and graphic format
  • Alarm notifications can be set up and sent via SMS or email
  • Profile reports emailed daily 
  • Ability to exported data to CSV files to share and use offline
  • Data analysis enables the identification of system problems, leakages and unauthorised water use
  • Utilise data to improve demand forecasting and budgeting, and to provide accurate meter readings to utility providers.

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