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Over the past few years, Massmart - a leading African retailer - has been growing rapidly, both organically and through acquisition. This significant increase in its workforce and the need to share their staff benefits to employees demanded the involvement of a telecommunications service provider. Massmart turned to Vodafone to support its vision and also look to future plans for employee engagement.

To enable Massmart’s HR services to keep track of the rapid personnel changes, a simple consumer mobility deal would not have been sufficient. With such huge growth in volume and fast staff turnover in the company, they needed to find a unique, custom-made solution to cover communication services for as much of their workforce as possible.

Following a full and comprehensive assessment of the volume and complexity of the situation at Massmart, Vodafone created a compelling and unique proposition to offer mobile solutions to their people. In addition, they created a dedicated online platform for the company’s HR and Employee Benefits team to engage with them.

The Solution

This bespoke solution consisted of an exclusive management system and competitively priced contracts, involved 8000 staff overall and was signed for a two-
year period. The arrangement included the option for Massmart’s staff to receive a smartphone, with monthly benefits of 300 MB of data usage, 120 free minutes and 200 text messages. The unique management online platform supported the HR and Benefits teams with easy communication to employees who were otherwise extremely difficult to reach. With the management tool, Massmart can now effectively transmit the latest company service news, update the general knowledge base with useful information such as retirement and insurance benefits. As an added bonus, the application and the special telephony service also give Massmart’s staff access to otherwise inaccessible online information in their everyday life.

Why Vodafone?

With this deal, Vodafone has proved to be a flexible service provider, a company capable of delivering unique and engaging deals, to an organisation which supports greater causes, such as Massmart. The innovative thinking of Massmart – the fact that they offer smartphone and data services to personnel is remarkable in many ways. Not only did they enhance staff lifecycle management, but the company also demonstrated to their workforce how valuable they are by providing the option of having an easy and practical online platform for self-development and staying up-to-date with company’s news and improvements.

For Massmart, the collaboration with Vodafone resulted in:

Simplicity - With the exclusive mobility service construction, Massmart can enjoy simplified telephony costs, tracking and Vodafone’s renowned, easy-to-use customer service.

Accessibility – Due to this unique solution and Vodafone’s 24/7 availability, Massmart enabled many low and medium-income families to have access to information on the internet for the first time in their lives.

Ubiquity – Thanks to the flexibility of Vodafone’s offer, not only was Massmart able to achieve improved employee engagement, but also improve the lives of the staff and their families by providing a smartphone and data assets.

About Massmart

Massmart, a leading African retail group, with annualised sales of R90.6 billion, comprises four Divisions operating in 425 stores, across 13 sub-Saharan countries with 48 000 employees. Through its widely recognised, differentiated retail and wholesale formats, it has leading shares in the General Merchandise, Liquor, Home Improvement and wholesale Food markets.

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