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The Objective

As schools around the world respond to COVID-19, the need for Remote Learning tools has never been more urgent. Connected Education from Vodacom Business aims to digitally transform education in South Africa, by enabling virtual learning through:

  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Connectivity
  • Development

The Virtual Classroom Solution would assist the following:

Teacher at Home

  • Teach from anywhere, anytime
  • Hold interactive class of up to 250 students
  • Mobility
  • Easily scalable

Teacher at the Teaching Centre

  • Reach thousands of students around the country if they have a TV or smart device with connectivity
  • Stable Connection provided at teaching center (Fixed Line Connectivity)

Learner at home

  • Attends interactive class via smartphone, laptop or tablet
  • Watch course on live tv

Do more learning with applications & benefits that empower you 

Microsoft Office 365 (Education)

  • Access to communication and collaboration tools from virtually anywhere, at anytime
  • Includes document viewing and lightweight editing
  • with Office Online
  • Promote teamwork - collaborate and save educators time with a single hub for classes and teams

Connected Digital Education

Connected digital education is about Connecting learners, educators and institutions through accessible data, preferred affordable rates and additional benefits to keep your learners & schools always switched on.

We are making connectivity & “school as usual” possible for more students, educators & schools – bridging the affordability gap and giving more access to those who really need it whilst providing them with more of the things they are interested in, more opportunities for engagement and more opportunities to share their world’s and increase their knowledge with others.

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