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Connected digital education is about Connecting learners, educators and institutions through accessible data, preferred affordable rates and additional benefits to keep your learners & schools always switched on.

It’s no surprise that a global pandemic has shifted the way we carry out our day-to-day activities, this is no different when it comes to the education sector in South Africa. We sat down with Vodacom Managing Executive: Public Enterprises, Rudi Matjokana, and discussed continuity in learning through the power of technology.

Education Bundles (VPN & Anytime Data Bundles) from Vodacom Business


Allows the user access to corporate sites from an offsite location with the same access they would have as if they were logged into a network that is available onsite. Data can be sent and received so changes are recorded in real time and reflect across all systems that can access the network.

EduBundle (VPN)

These are data bundles that are used to access specific sites eligible through the VPN. The educational institution(s) controls the VPN sites.

Data access to critical educational content for students. Data bundles priced at significantly reduced rates for educational institutions

Anytime Data Bundles

In light of the COVID 19 crisis, there is an urgent need for Virtual Learning solutions for universities. Educational institutions wish to enable students to study remotely, at no additional cost to the student. Vodacom will support learning institutions to keep students connected by offering a subsidized data bundle which will be billed to the institution.



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