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While digitalisation offers incredible benefits to corporations, networks are becoming ever more vulnerable to online threats. This is why security is a top priority for Vodacom.

The digital age has brought large-scale benefits to organisations, from more effective communications to more efficient project management. But, inevitably, the business security concerns have also increased significantly in recent years. With new users joining daily and new endpoints added to the web, a company’s network today is extended far beyond its previous reach. And the wider the network, the more susceptible your organisation becomes to online threats.

The complexities of cyber security

Security is a constant priority, according to Vuyani Jarana, Chief Officer of Vodacom Business. As digitalisation cuts across devices, time zones and geographies, new challenges constantly arise, as do myriad new endpoints for security teams to grapple with.

'Today’s security is much more complex than merely being about the devices. Not only has the internet increased the overall size of the network that must be protected, but most companies’ assets are also more digital. Much of what customers consume today – whether we’re talking music, movies or business data – can be bought and consumed online, without any physical aspect to it,' he says.

'So now we have a situation where enterprises are facing a growing number of vulnerabilities at the same time as the value in their corporate data is increasing. Cars have become more digital than mechanical nowadays, with many already connected to the internet, and autonomous cars soon to come into play. This is just another example of the increasing value of companies’ digital assets. This double-pronged danger highlights why the issue of cyber security has become so critical.

Vodacom's cyber superheroes 

Cyber security is one of the founding pillars of Vodacom, having been built into the company's network from inception. A dedicated team of security specialists is always available to survey and study cyber-security trends in order to guard against penetration and ensure the network is not vulnerable.

'As our specialists work, they are able to use benchmarks they've created to assist our clients when it comes to their own security. By studying trends, we are also able to counter new threats as they emerge.

'Since Vodacom works across a range of verticals, many of which have vital information that needs to be protected – including healthcare, education, financial services and retail – we build our infrastructure with security at its core,' says Jarana.

Keeping information secure

As with all industries in the digital age, there is a deep need for information to be readily available, whether by a doctor accessing patients' records from the other side of the globe or a citizen engaging online with Home Affairs. In turn, these actions require effective online security to ensure that whoever is accessing the information is only able to access the data they require. Vodacom builds its solutions to deliver this level of security.

Constant vigilance is key

'The key to good cyber-security is to understand that threats are constantly mutating and one must thus maintain a high degree of vigilance. When this is coupled with the security embedded into all our architectures and services, we are proactively positioned to tackle both current and future threats.


'Perhaps the best assurance we can give our customers is that Vodacom’s operations across Africa are protected by the same levels of services we provide to them. In fact, it is because we are so confident in how well our cyber-security solutions work for us that we want to extend these services to all our public and private sector clients,' Jarana concludes.  

When you become a Ready Business with Vodacom, you'll be guaranteed of the safety and security of your network and digital assets. Find out more about the Vodacom Business solutions on offer » 

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