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Optical Fibre has swiftly become the NEW way to the Internet. Vodacom’s Broadband Connect Fibre Capped and Uncapped (Lite) and Premium packages provide the high speed fixed line access that your business needs. Whether an SME or large enterprise, you want the ultimate connectivity experience with stable upload and download speeds and the ability to TopUp when needed, making the transition to the digital era easier and more cost effective for you and your business. These services allow for dynamic and static IP addresses, instant scalability, making provision for all your business needs, including Office 365, Conference Connect and additional voice and hosting services.

The Broadband Connect Fibre capped and premium service plans are available through Vodacom self-build and the following third-party network provider networks. (Please refer to website for the product and pricing breakdown). .

  • Metro Fibre Networks
  • Octotel
  • SADV (SA Digital Villages)
  • Link Africa
  • Century City Connect
  • Waterfall Access Network (WAN)
  • Frogfoot
  • Vumatel Trench
  • Openserve

Selecting your fibre service

Vodacom Broadband Connect Fibre allows you the choice between capped and premium uncapped services, depending on your business needs. Broadband Connect Fibre Capped is designed for smaller SMEs with the choice of data bundles, allowing you to choose a suitable asymmetrical capped bundle with dynamic IP addresses for your business at a very competitive price.

Broadband Connect Fibre Premium is suitable for SMEs requiring a symmetrical bandwidth with uncapped internet accounts and static IP addresses. This service allows for instant scalability, making provision for all your business needs, including Office 365, Conference Connect and additional voice and hosting services.

Why should I get Broadband Connect Fibre?

  1. Speed: Enjoy speeds of up to 100Mbps.
  2. Flexibility: We offer a choice of capped and premium service plans.
  3. Reliability: Our Broadband Connect fibre-optic network is secure and always available.
  4. Quick deployment: Once the office park is fibre connected, connecting new tenants and upgrading existing tenants is faster compared to copper-based broadband access service.
  5. Convenience: We offer a true one-stop shop from provisioning of the fibre infrastructure in office parks, precincts and malls, to installing routers.

Fibre is stable, durable and capable of carrying massive data loads of speeds up to 100mbps. It is the most scalable connectivity for small business in terms of throughput and number of simultaneous voice calls. Enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, cost savings and a competitive edge with Vodacom's Broadband Fibre.

To find out more please visit the Broadband Connect Fibre website to check for coverage and contact your nearest Vodacom account manager.



Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

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