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At Vodacom Business, we focus on helping our enterprise customers work smarter and more efficiently, while continuously finding new and innovative ways to enable, empower and support their endeavours. Vodacom Trade Direct is a web interface that allows our SME customers - both buyers and sellers -to find one another in a secure and reliable online environment. 

Why Register?

If you register as a supplier, you’ll receive a comprehensive business listing, including a business profile page where you can load brochures and price lists. You’ll be able to view information about tender opportunities and you will be emailed every time a tender matches your business keywords. You can also create your own eCatalogues to promote your products in the marketplace, complete with shopping carts, order fulfilment and payment functionalities. Plus your business location gets pinned on Google maps. 

If you register as a buyer, you can get quotes, advertise tenders and interact with businesses in your area. Without having to search for trusted sources, you’ll be exposed to potential business opportunites and new products to grow your business. You’ll also be able to view full company profiles (including their BBBEE and Tax Clearance Certificates) to streamline the procurement process. Other benefits include advertising tenders and optimised search keywords to ensure you are ‘seen’ by the necessary suppliers.

Vodacom Trade Direct is just one more way that Vodacom Business is helping you work your way to a digital future. Are you ready?

Click here for more information or to register now.


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