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26th Sep 18

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26th Sep 18

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Vodacom’s self-help options mean that you can find the answers you're looking for easily – on your PC, phone or tablet – and manage your account from just about anywhere. Share your thoughts (compliments/feedback by emailing us on myebillsupport@vodacom.co.za

How to Update the Billing Email Address

Who to contact

What is needed

  • Vodacom Business account number
  • Request on a signed company letterhead
  • Copy of signatory’s ID

How it works

  • Email the required documents to the VBS team/ Submit all required documents to the Vodacom consultant
  • Vodacom agent will send you a confirmation once completed
  • The update will be updated into your next invoices & statements


  • Always provide the service request (SR) number if you following up on a request


How to do a Sim Swap

Who to contact

Call centre: 082 1940

Email: ...

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