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Vodacom One Net Express is a mobile virtual assistant that routes your business calls to the right person or department across any cellphone and  3G desk phone

With One Net Express, your virtual landline numbers ring on your cellphone and  3G desk phone, meaning you and your employees are not tied to the office.

A Hunt Group is configured to ensure that the most appropriate employee receives that important business call.

You can be highly responsive, sending calls to more than one employee within the hunt groups, or use the ‘virtual assistant’ to automatically direct customers to the right part of your business.

Whether your employees are on the move or office-based, One Net Express ensures that they're always connected.

Here is how it works.

You get a 3G desk phone 

  • This replaces a traditional landline phone.
  • You can make and receive calls on your 3G desk phone.
  • It has Wi-Fi access, that can connect up to five devices
  • You can port in your existing landline number to your 3G desk phone

You answer landline calls on your mobile

Calls to your landline number will be answered on your cellphoneand 3G desk phone, through the intelligent routing functionality,  so that you can take a call to your landline even if you are out of the office. If you already have a landline number, it can be ported to Vodacom, so no need to worry about the costs involved in changing your office number.

Thanks to Geographic Number Allocation and Geographic Number Porting, Vodacom can assigna new landline number or port in your existing landlinenumber that can be used on your 3G desk phone or hunt group. It will look just like a traditional landline number, with the relevant area code of your office location.  

A virtual assitant directs calls

When a call comes in, Auto Attendant gives callers a recorded message and a voice prompt menu, so that their calls can be directed efficiently and professionally.

Calls can be answered by anyone in designated Hunt Groups

If you are not available to take a call, the Hunt Group function 'hunts' for an appropriate person to answer the call. 

Hunt Groups ensures that those important business calls will always be answered.

It's controllable and cost-effective

And, to sweeten the deal, One Net Express gives employees 500 free One Net minutes to call one another, bringing the cost of internal calls right down.

The service is all hosted in the cloud, so One Net Express eliminates the need for costly infrastructure. Plus, you get a single bill, so it's really easy to keep track of your telecoms costs.

One Net Express gives you all the benefits of a landline plus some added extras – it's responsive, affordable, reliable and customisable for your business.

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