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15th May 18


Personality, meet phone

15th May 18

Ian Parsons
By Ian Parsons47 Followers

We’re all working hard to stay in the game, lift our game, be ahead of the game, and know the name of the game. The last thing you need is a phone that’s more of a distraction than an asset. You need a partner in your pocket, a phone that can enhance your productivity instead of drain it. We looked at some of the best phones available today and paired them up with typical personality traits. There is a phone out there that caters for all your needs. The question is – who are you?

The Power User

The Power User’s life is spent speeding in the fast lane. She spends most of her day getting things done with her team, while the nightime is spent getting down on the dancefloor. Her favourite app is OrderIn, for those days when breakfast and lunch are rolled into dinner.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s the latest in a range of powerful devices from Samsung, and it’s designed for performance and ease of use. There’s a brand-new camera, sound and other entertainment features, but the Power User is interested in more. The Samsung has class-leading security with Samsung Knox, wireless charging and expandable memory. With the innovative DeX pad and a monitor, you can set up a desktop-like work environment in seconds.

The Closer

The Closer has all the latest devices, designer business suits and a Tom Ford leather suitcase. It’s not just for show – all the finer details combine to convince his clients that he's the best in the business. His favourite app, however, is Alto’s Adventure, because the world needs more beautiful things, and this is a beautiful game.

The Closer’s idol – Steve Jobs – built up the company that is responsible for managing his daily life. His choice of phone is therefore obvious – the iPhone 8 64GB. With its aerospace-grade aluminium cover, wireless charging and water-and-dust-resistant 4.7-inch Retina HD display, this device is the perfect addition to his modern and sleek personality.

The Entertainer

It’s not a cliché if it’s true, is it? The Entertainer believes in 'work hard, play hard', and her friends love her enthusiasm and energy. Her favourite app is Showmax. After a hard day’s work there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and binge-watching.

With the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, she has a powerful productivity phone that can also help her fill those quiet moments with music, a quick game or a YouTube video. It also shoots great video. Packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, there’s no better device to handle work and play throughout the day.

The Hustler

On the phone, the Hustler’s energy alone makes both friends and collegues alike follow in their wake. She's won the award for highest turnover five years running, and believes it’s because she does things just a bit differently from anyone else. Her default setting is 'confident and awesome'. Her favourite apps are Messages and Phone, but when she has her headphones in, everyone knows she’s streaming music with Deezer.

The Nokia 8 is a perfect fit for the Hustler. It’s the underdog that ends up walking away with the spoils, and she can relate to that. Its main selling point is the Bothie feature, which combines images from the front and rear cameras in one photo or video. Class-leading audio quality is an oft-neglected feature of phones, whose true purpose is to make phone calls, and the Nokia 8 excels here.

The Workaholic

There’s no place like work. The Workaholic gets up in the morning, brushes his teeth and takes a quick shower, and then opens the door to his office to start the day. He loves his job so much that he takes it everywhere with him – on cycle trips, out to lunch, and even on holidays. His favourite app is Asana, because he is a perfectionist who loves to have everything in its place.

His choice of phone is the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. It’s a phone that can think for itself, literally. It’s the first phone with a built-in AI processor, which promises a smarter and faster smartphone experience. Added to that, the phone manages battery life carefully so that the phone can keep up throughout the day.

Photo by Vinicius Amano on Unsplash

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