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You've invested many, many hours, and a great deal of money to make sure your business delivers on everything your customers expect - and more.

But what about the things you didn't expect to have to worry about, such as online security?

That's what the Vodacom Security Solutions Suite is for - to ensure that your business is never under threat from problematic email, spam, viruses, data theft, fraud or malicious behaviour.

Solutions include:

  • web and mail content filters
  • anti-spam and highly advanced anti-virus software that protects you from more than 47 000 viruses
  • virtual hosting and perimeter firewalls
  • intelligent hosting that allows you to customise the way you interact with your customers
  • secure remote access, using two-factor authentication

All of these allow you to save time and software/hardware expenses in setting these up for yourself, and you'll enjoy Vodacom's management, hosting and support expertise.


You'll also be able to control bandwidth using customisable filtering solutions, so your employees won't exceed your data budget for the month.

Speaking of broadband, did you know that there are two different broadband solutions that Vodacom can offer you to make your company a Ready business that is always connected?

Broadband Connect DSL blocks the full spectrum of threats while you focus on growing your business.

Broadband Connect Wireless is easy to set up and use, because Vodacom manages everything for you, and allows you to pick and choose between the security solutions that work for you.

To find out how much Vodacom Security Solutions will cost for your business, request a Call Back or call 082 1960 free from a Vodacom cell phone »

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