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Vodacom, in partnership with Boxfusion, has produced a number of groundbreaking software platforms designed to streamline government departments with cost-effective, paperless solutions. Vodacom SmartGov Solutions has a proven track record in delivering sustainable, simple and swift solutions across all spheres of government – National, Provincial and Local.

Vodacom SmartGov Solutions

Developed in South Africa, the Vodacom SmartGov Solution, powered by Boxfusion, comes with guaranteed service and support built for South African conditions. 

As governments continuously strive for quicker, more accurate service delivery, Vodacom SmartGov offers a robust and feature-rich solution purpose-built for the unique challenges of South African government. In fact, due to stringent development over the past five years, Vodacom SmartGov is now, without a doubt, the most complete off-the-shelf government software platform locally available.

Within the SA governmental management chain, Vodacom SmartGov specifically targets the most cumbersome and problematic administrative processes, such as Supply Chain Management, Leave Management and Document Management. Vodacom SmartGov addresses these problem areas swiftly and effectively, while implementation time is minimal – ensuring cleaner audits time after time.


While Vodacom SmartGov is an off-the-shelf solution, it’s not a one-size-fit-all. We’ll customise every installation to address the specific pain points of your government department and deliver holistically streamlined admin solutions.

Citizen Engagement Platform

Vodacom's Citizen Engagement Platform aims to enable, empower and improve communication between government and the employees, citizens and businesses. This engagement strives to facilitate improved service delivery and communication that is both secure and effortless, as well as providing a great experience and service through Vodacom’s technology and execution.

Vodacom recently launched the Thetha Nathi Citizenship platform for OR Tambo District Municipality, which allows people to track government performance through a secure mobile application by reporting service issues (such as water or sanitation) and monitoring their resolution in real time. OR Tambo is the first municipality to launch the solution, which is now available for use by local residents. Vodacom plans to introduce the solution to other municipalities across the country. The platform offers functionality to the citizen, not only to log the incident, but also follow up on the progress. A logged incident is allocated a unique reference number, which is sent via a text message to the citizen.

By implementing the Thetha Nathi Citizenship platform, officials have not only made themselves more accessible to their electorate, they have also made their processes more transparent, essentially bringing government services closer to the people. The app allows citizens of the municipality to trace the progress of their report from start to finish, and they are also expected to provide input on whether it was resolved to their satisfaction or not via the platform.

Because the app closes the loop on communications between government and the citizenry, it has great potential to reduce dissatisfaction and dispel perceptions that citizens aren’t heard by the government when alerting their officials to problems or concerns in their towns.

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