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Now, there's a better way to manage your business and employees mobile spend. Vodacom Business Tickets are data bundles that provide access to apps that are essential for your employees, such as email (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, MS Outlook), navigation apps (google maps, waze, Apple maps) and cloud apps (Dropbox, iCloud, Onedrive, Google Drive.) That means each time your employees access any of these applications  the data used will be used from these bundles, ensuring employees are connected  in the ways that matter to you and your business, with no possibility of misusing their data, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

The Vodacom Business Collaboration Ticket is a value added service that affords business customers the means to provide their staff with worry free access to business critical functions, with the best value data, specific to that function.

The Collaboration Ticket offers users dedicated access to online meeting tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Jabber, which normally consume large amounts of data, at a much cheaper price point, compared to regular data bundles. Both the main account holder and staff themselves (that have Self Service enablement benefits) can buy the tickets for 'always on' access. 

Keeping productive while working from home

With Collaboration Ticket, Vodacom Business is able to help you stay connected, productive and ensure secure business continuity during uncertain times. We have a toolbox of solutions to ensure your business can perform at its best, so that it’s ‘business as usual’.

Being office-productive from home requires seamless connectivity. Vodacom Business has a range of solutions to get you connected. From Reverse Billed Data that allows you to offer customer and staff free access to your business website and apps, using data that your business pays for a preferential rates, to plug and play Business Internet LTE and flexible mobile broadband data bundles. With tools like Teams and OneDrive, you can enjoy the convenience of safely accessing and storing work files and communicating with collogues from wherever you are.

Business Ticket is best suited for

  • Businesses who need better ways to optimise data usage across their business while maintaining constant productivity.
  • Businesses who require better ways to back up and access their information from anywhere, anytime.
  • Businesses who need ways to provide drivers with dedicated access to various navigation applications.

Keep your business connected with the apps you need with Business Ticket



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