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Vodacom, in partnership with Boxfusion, has created a groundbreaking software platform designed to streamline enterprise with cost-effective, paperless solutions. Isn’t it time you explored the power of a digitally engaged workforce?

Mobile ERP 

As government departments continuously strive for quicker, more accurate service delivery, Vodacom Mobile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) offers a robust and feature-rich solution, purpose built for the unique challenges of African operating environments. In fact, due to stringent development over the past five years, Vodacom Mobile ERP is now, without a doubt, the most complete off-the-shelf mobile enterprise software platform locally available. Developed in South Africa, the Vodacom Mobile ERP solution, powered by Boxfusion (Microsoft Gold Certified), comes with comprehensive service and support built for African scenarios. 

Vodacom Mobile ERP specifically targets the most cumbersome and problematic administrative processes within the management chain, such as Supply Chain Management, Leave Management and Document Management. Vodacom Mobile ERP addresses these problem areas swiftly and effectively, while implementation time is minimal, ensuring cleaner audits time after time.

While Vodacom Mobile ERP is an off-the-shelf solution, it’s not one-size-fits-all. We’ll customise every installation to address the specific pain points of your government department and deliver holistically streamlined admin solutions. 


VEEP (Vodacom’s Employee Engagement Platform) harnesses the versatility of smartphones to open the lines of communication between the business and its employees, using an intuitive and extensible mobile application. This means businesses are not only able to efficiently and cost-effectively communicate business-critical information to their workforce regardless of where they are, but also exploit a new powerful digital channel to keep employees abreast of employer-provided benefits and reward those individuals who go the extra mile.

The communications channel enabled by VEEP isn’t unidirectional, however. VEEP unlocks an 'always-on' line of communication from employees to the business, allowing for individuals to feel like they’re truly part of the organisation by quickly and easily being able to raise issues or concerns, make suggestions for improvement and highlight the excellent performance of a colleague.

Unlock the potential of employee self-service with VEEP

The advantages of VEEP are: 

  • Increasing employee engagement 
  • Opening the lines of communication with employees
  • Improving employee development
  • Digitisation of the HR process
  • Extending the business's capabilities 
  • Facilities/HR reporting capabilities 

While creating a reliable and convenient omni-directional communications platform is the key focus of VEEP, the platform can additionally be leveraged to digitise and streamline the vast majority of the business’s HR-focused processes. From electronically submitting leave forms, to digitally delivering payslips, or allowing employees to quickly report HR or facilities issues (complete with geotagging and the ability to snap a photo with their smartphone) the possibilities are extensive.

Extending VEEP’s capabilities really depends on what each organisation sees as critical. The solution has already been effectively used as a reporting channel for anonymous tip-offs and as a replacement for archaic time and attendance solutions, leveraging automation and the ability to snap a picture with a smartphone camera.

Considering the open architecture at VEEP’s core, the solution can be easily extended to cater for new needs and integrated with other business systems, positioning it to quickly become a powerful hub for all employer-employee relations.

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