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Vodacom Now!

The 2018 MyBroadband Fibre Conference, in partnership with Vodacom, will take place on 11 July at The Venue in Melrose Arch.

This exclusive technical conference will focus on South African fibre networks and networking technologies, and is aimed at IT executives and IT professionals who want to learn more about the latest developments in the fibre space.

The topics which will be covered at the conference include FTTB and FTTH networks, submarine cable systems, 5G and its impact on fibre networks, and fibre ISP services.

Speakers at the 2018 MyBroadband Fibre Conference include:

  • Gary Hart – Executive Head: Managed Network and Unified Communications at Vodacom Business
  • Suveer Ramdhani – Chief Development Officer at SEACOM
  • Jannie van Zyl – Executive Head of Innovation at Vodacom
  • Hugo van Zyl – Chief Technology and Systems Officer at Openserve
  • Brett StClair – Chief Executive Officer at Siatik
  • Wayne D’Sa – Managing Director at CipherWav


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