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A connected mine is an efficient mine. Full-scale visibility of your ecosystem includes asset management, maintenance assessments, next-level productivity and safety convergence. At the 2020 Mining Indaba in Cape Town, Vodacom, along with partners IoT.nxt, aimed to present themselves as the digital mining solution for all small businesses. 

It is no longer enough to focus merely on extraction grades. Operational managers have to adopt a systems theory approach and look at the effect of single process efficiency on the entire mining value chain to drive productivity. Horizontal interoperability of disparate systems is crucial, as is the protection of legacy systems and devices. A seemingly insurmountable task, with a relatively simple solution – IoT.

Over the course of 2020 Vodacom is aiming to spend more than 9 billion rand on network enhancements particularly in rural areas of the country. The investment will be spent on the firm’s rural coverage acceleration programme, replacing and modernising base stations and digital services. Vodacom has grown its South African rural network coverage significantly over the past six years, covering over 16 million people with 4G/LTE services. Its 3G network is now available to more than 97% of the South African population living in rural areas and 4G is available to 75%

Vodacom Business mining solutions allow your organisation to have:

  • Increased real-time vehicle performance and incident visibility, improving management and response times.
  • Proactive incident management and resource allocation where any problems are identified, thus increasing performance. 

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