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With the right smartphone in your hand and a passion for what you do, nothing can stand in your way. From connecting to clients on the fly, posting to social media to increase brand awareness, process payments, share your point of view, travel the world and grow your business, your smartphone is the window to your world. Which is why we have compiled a list of the best smartphones of 2017 for business

Samsung Galaxy Note8

The recently released Galaxy Note8 is part tablet, part phone and all business. Packed with functionality and designed with users' needs in mind, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 may be the most feature-rich phone/notetaking device out there.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is best known for its high resolution, 5.8-inch Infinity display, but it also boasts some serious business features. As with previous Samsung devices, the Galaxy S8 comes with a built-in system called Samsung Knox, so your business secrets stay on a need to know basis, as well as has biometric scanning (facial recognition, iris scanner and a fingerprint reader) for the ultimate in modern business security

Thanks to the Snapdragon 835 CPU and generous amount of screen space, the S8 can easily run two separate apps at the same time, making the phone ideal for multitasking. When it comes to purchasing an upscale business device, the Galaxy S8 stands head and shoulders above it’s competitors and with an expandable storage, you can customize it to meet your exact specifications.

Moto Z

The Moto Z remains one of the one of the thinnest smartphones we've held, and it’s still one of the best looking devices out there. We also love the fact that it runs a near-pure version of Android, having removed every unnecessary apps from the operating system.

The Moto Z’s main features are the ‘Moto Mods’, a series of modules which can attach to the back of the phone to give it new and better functionality. For example, you can attach a speaker module for better sound, or a projector module to project videos on a nearby wall, making it ideal for those on the go business presentations. As a bonus, the battery is one of the longest lasting in the smartphone field and when combined with the shatterproof screen, you have the perfect phone to take in and out the office every day. 

IPhone 7 Plus

As with previous IPhone’s, the major benefit of choosing the iPhone 7 Plus as your business phone is brand cohesion. Apples latest smartphone easily syncs up with all your apple products, ensuring you can keep all your products in the Apple family for a more secure ecosystem. As with the previous two phones, the iPhone 7 Plus has a fingerprint scanner, a speedy processor and a long battery life (more than 10 hours).


The G6 is LG's best smartphone, and it's truly a great phone. The G6 see’s the implementation of some key features like a premium design and water resistance, which finally put LG phones in the same league as other flagship smartphones from Samsung and Apple. The G6 has a good dual-lens camera that everyone should be pleased with. It also has a slightly-taller-than-average screen that's great for viewing and using your apps, as it shows more of an app than regular screen.


Huawei P10 Plus

The Huawei P10 Plus is the best Huawei smartphone to date, offering super fast performance, a sleek design and a top of the range camera. The device runs if a HiSilicon Kirin 960 processor and comes with two varients, one with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage and another with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and both devices offer a MicroSD card slot. Along with Android Nougat 7.0, the P10 Plus comes with Huawei’s EMUI 5.1 software, which brings a number of great features to the handsets, including enhanced machine learning, along with better photo-tagging and video-generating software.



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