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Small and medium sized businesses are looking for agile, easy to use solutions that will equip them to better manage customer relations and assist in making their day to day tasks less time consuming and more effective with their customers.

Vodacom are proud to announce AssistSuites, a brand new customer relationship management tool to assist our small to medium sized customers with their business needs.

AssistSuites is a web application which allow small businesses to plan their communications with their customers, via SMS notifications. The system was built for simplicity of use that can be easily understood and operated by any small business owner looking for a means to efficiently communicate with their customers.

Why Does A Business Need AssistSuites?

The perfect Customer relationship management tool to help SMEs improve their business relationships with their customers.  Whether it is used for payment reminders, targeted marketing, or appointment reminders, the platform allows bulk SMS communications that can be conducted at any time making it simpler and easier for our SMEs. Through analysis of detailed reports and customer satisfaction surveys, understanding the preferences and concerns of clients will help SMEs retain them and drive sales growth, helping improve and manage customer expectations more effectively.

Quick Facts 

  • Automatically contact your customers to confirm their appointments
  • Build Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Automate your cash collection cycle
  • Full Reporting available online
  • Conduct targeted marketing promotions

Experience the future with a powerful digital tool. Go to Vodacom Business or direct to Vodacom Messaging to register now.


Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

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