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The Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G comes packed with the best that Samsung has to offer. This premium device is available in three shades: mystic bronze, mystic white and mystic black.

These are its standout features:

The screen and 120Hz refresh rate

The Note20 Ultra’s 6.9-inch screen is crisp and clear. It’s ideal for streaming videos in landscape mode or seeing better while browsing. If smooth scrolling and gaming are your priorities, the 120Hz screen refresh rate is excellent. Samsung lets you use 120Hz setting with the 2 316x1 080 screen resolution only, but the naked eye wouldn’t notice the difference if it were to go any higher. We’ll take refresh rate over ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution any day!

Triple rear cameras

The Note20 Ultra is made up of a 12MP ultra-wide, 108MP wide-angle and 12MP telephoto camera, as well as a clearly visible laser AF sensor, which is what differentiates it from the Note 20. It now features a 50x Super Zoom that shows you a helpful thumbnail on the top right of what you’re pointing at. The 10MP selfie cam is excellent and it’s triggered with a hand gesture – much appreciated when social distancing is the norm.

Scribbling with the S Pen

One of the main reasons to consider this device is the S Pen, which now has an impressive 9ms of latency. Its main party trick is to turn your handwritten notes into an actual MS Word document. It’s useful for annotations, audio bookmarks and sketching, which all sync to the cloud. The stylus can be used as a selfie remote, to toggle between camera modes, browse photos and play, pause or skip songs. It also supports customisable Air and App actions.

Wireless DeX mode

The Note20 Ultra now supports wireless DeX (desktop) mode via a smart TV over a Wi-Fi connection – gone are the old cabled accessories. It comes with a USB-C to USB-A dongle that allows you to pair a wireless mouse for use with a PC. However, the Note20 Ultra itself becomes a touchpad for interaction. You can multitask by using up to five apps at once, including MS Office. Take notes while tuning into a livestream or use the phone as a second screen. Switching from phone to PC has never been this seamless.

Samsung Pay keeps you safe

The global pandemic has highlighted the need for using a safe mobile payment solution such as Samsung Pay. It stores bank cards securely and supports a wide range of local banks, including the big four. It also stores loyalty cards so you can ditch the bulky wallet. The multi-layer security system supports fingerprint or iris scanning, facial unlocking and a PIN. The digital wallet does not store the actual card numbers, so information is always secure.

5G here we come

The Note20 Ultra will be sold as a 5G variant only. This means it will work on Vodacom’s new 5G network, launched during lockdown. Experience astonishing speeds of around 500Mbps, location dependent. Near real-time gaming with low latency is at your fingertips.

Purchase the Galaxy Note20 Ultra from Vodacom Business online today

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