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As a business owner, ensuring you have the correct remote management strategy in place means you are able to meet the demands of the ever-changing digital landscape where optimum operational agility is key.

Do you want greater control over your field employees activities? Would you like a more streamlined, digitally-savvy approach to your company’s operational strategy while saving company costs? Of course you would. Look no further.

We understand that time is money and that is why together with Econz Wireless, Vodacom now offers you a fully comprehensive workforce management solution.

Timecard is a mobile application that specialises in Digital Transformation, Dynamic GPS Tracking, Robust Reporting, Time and Attendance as well as Covid-19 management. It also streamlines your paper and payroll processes, which saves you money, time, fuel, theft as well as increases your field employee’s efficiency and productivity.

Our impressive product suite allows you to be strategically agile while conducting business on the move.

Timecard Features:

Custom Digital Forms - Allows field employees to digitally transform paper processes into digital i.e. Photo Capture, Video capture, Digital Signature, and other form type questions and answers.

Mobile Time and Attendance - Replacing paper timesheets/job cards and automating the timesheet approval process including leave requests.

Dynamic GPS Tracking - Breadcrumb trails, kilometres , travelled, locations, idle times, speed triggers, smart fences, turn by turn directions, all leveraged by using Google Mapping technology.

Robust Reporting - A wealth of reports spanning across multiple industries which can be viewed in real-time through the web dashboard or automatically scheduled to be sent to management in PDF and CSV output.

COVID-19 Self-Assessment Custom Forms/Surveys - Digital Covid-19 Pre-screening and Wellness forms that are customizable to fit your company requirements. Yes/No and text Questions, digital signatures, photo fields and built-in live triggers to alert management of any critical answers. Revert to our rich-back-end system that includes PDF and CSV outputs, as well as GPS tracking, reports and filtering capabilities for live, accurate contact tracing to protect your company, employees and clients.

For more information on the Econz Wireless - Timecard Mobile Application please visit our Vodacom Business website.


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