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Vodacom Now!

Vodacom today introduced Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN). Through Vodacom Business, Vodacom is one of the first telecom companies to launch the digital offering in the South African market.

SD-WAN, which is an application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections that are used to connect enterprise networks – including branch offices and data centres – over local and long distances, will simplify the day-to-day operations for Information Technology (IT) professionals.

Fatima Hassim, managing executive for Vodacom Business said: 'As enterprise customers prepare themselves for the new digital evolution, their IT departments are laying the foundations for a new digital business architecture. Cloud computing, Big Data and IoT will be the future technology drivers that will move the enterprise forward into the digital world. Broadband access and flexible networking will be the communication foundation required to drive the new digital world. New technologies like Service-Defined Networks and flexible broadband internet access will be at the heart of the enterprise IT foundation.'

This is yet another step into the future of digital transformation for Vodacom, equipping businesses in South Africa and Africa with the necessary tools to stay on par with the latest business solutions available in the market. The transformative power of digital solutions such as SD-WAN demonstrates our commitment to ensure that we use our technology to change lives.

'Worldwide the requisite for cutting-edge business networks is growing. Vodacom, through its business unit, will be playing a leading role in helping enterprises to build and secure robust next-generation communication platforms to drive the business into the digital world. Large and continued investment in fibre infrastructure to deliver ubiquitous broadband access and 5G will be the differentiator Vodacom can bring to the enterprise. Robust communication infrastructure coupled with pervasive fibre & broadband access and new SD-WAN solutions underpin Vodacom’s advantage in the market. The prospect of an early 5G launch and a maturing NBIoT network will further bolster Vodacom’s standing as the leading digital enabler in South Africa.'

SD-WAN-enabled enterprises can now opt to go with internet-only traffic and save on the costs of opting for alternative data-carrying techniques. Vodacom has already successfully rolled out SD-WAN to two commercial customers, and expects adoption to grow rapidly because the technology provides a wide range of important operational and financial benefits, ranging from agility to quality of service, security, reliability and performance.

Find out more about SD-WAN

Go to the Vodacom Business website for more information on SD-WAN. 

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