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Healthcare has evolved, and Vodacom Business is at the forefront of this evolution. Next Generation Health strives to improve the delivery of healthcare by reducing costs and ensuring citizens receive the best care available. All of our healthcare solutions are easy to use, roll out and remain cost-effective. Our systems are ready to be implemented and deployed, which means you will see benefits immediately.

Vodacom Stock Visibility Solution

The Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) makes a smartphone and application bundle available to dispensing facilities to capture stock levels on a daily basis.

The Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) allows health clinic dispensaries to report on stock levels on the shelves through a custom-built mobile application. Based on data reported from the clinics, SVS then automates reporting via SMS and email to sub-district, district and provincial management. This data allows pharmacy supply-chain management to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the distribution of stock, which in turn increases access to quality medicine.


  • Medicine catalogue management
  • Clinical profiles & registration
  • Mobile stock level capturing
  • Data security & access
  • Reporting
  • Stock-out report analysis

Vodacom AitaHealth Solution

AitaHealth is an intelligent smartphone-based application that empowers Community Health Workers (CHWs) to deliver preventative care services to communities at a home-based level. AitaHealth supports both administrative and clinical decision-making in real time. The AitaHealth workflow starts with the registration of the household and all its members. The health worker completes a triage assessment for each household member; thereafter an overall assessment of the household's living environment is done. Based on the outcomes of the triage assessment, follow-up visits are scheduled and prioritised based on a predefined clinical decision support process.


  • Each phone is associated with a specific CHW. In this way, all data captured is linked to the CHW, their ward and the health facility they report to.
  • The built-in interactive decision support feature empowers CHWs to identify health risks in real time.
  • Built-in on-the-spot data validation checks automatically if the CHW is entering data in the correct format.
  • This ensures record and database integrity.
  • The integral skip logic features ensure that CHWs only capture relevant information based on the demographics of the household.
  • The on-board GPS captures the location of the household.

Vodacom School Management Solution

Vodacom’s comprehensive and easy-to-use web-based School Management Solution captures the data that the Department of Education (DoE) requires daily for all their schools. The School Management Solution enables school principals to report routine and exceptional activities back to the DoE in real time, daily.

Departmental decision-makers are notified of incidents as they happen and can provide feedback to the school immediately. Reports are timeously available to school stakeholders at different levels. Statistical analysis and trend reporting of aggregated data over time offers a sound base for operational and strategic planning.


Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash

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