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Vodacom's free vouchercloud product seeks out the best local deals in your area and allows you to redeem either digital or printed vouchers. Using vouchercloud, you have access to great savings that include everything from money off at restaurants and Vodacom deals to discounted prices at retailers – and South Africans are loving it.

Since it launched last year, Vouchercloud has far exceeded its original target of one million users in South Africa by March 2015. In fact, more than two million subscribers now access vouchercloud on feature phones by dialling *120*100#,  650 000 customers have downloaded the app onto their smartphones, and about 170 000 customers access deals via the website monthly.

Vodacom consumers will get better deals

Since its launch in the UK in 2010, vouchercloud has become the leading consumer app in Europe. There are over six million active users in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Ireland. South Africa was the first emerging market to launch vouchercloud, and take-up has been even stronger than that seen in Europe over the equivalent period.

A hit with South African consumers

The high number of local customers demonstrates the popularity of the product. 'We believe we’ve hit the sweet spot among South African consumers looking to save money in a user-friendly way,' said a spokesperson for the company. 

Savings are generated in three broad categories – food, fun and fashion.  Over 70 percent of the vouchers redeemed are for groceries across LSMs ranging from 0 – 10, followed by deals offered by the major clothing stores and brands.

It's free and works on all devices

One of the key factors attributed to vouchercloud’s growth and market acceptance is that it is a free service and is available on any mobile phone, including smartphones and feature phones.

vouchercloud, however, is not exclusive to Vodacom customers. Even though it is a Vodacom product, the service is accessible by everyone in South Africa who has a cellphone, irrespective of network or service provider.

However, the key differentiator is that a Vodacom consumers will get better deals than non-Vodacom customers in terms of the discount offered.

What next?

vouchercloud is proud to announce new developments. 'We’ve added a geo-fencing feature that alerts the user to a particular new deal in the area through an audible alert on the phone, accompanied by a click-through option. Down the line we are planning more features to keep the product fresh, and of course we plan to grow our database of retailers even further,' said a spokesperson for the company.

Get vouchercloud now 

The vouchercloud app is free and available on iTunes, BlackBerry App World and Google Play. There is no monthly subscription fee to use vouchercloud.

For more details contact the vouchercloud contact centre on 1089 – free from a Vodacom cellphone – or 082 1089 from any other phone (standard rates apply) or visit

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