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AbInBev, the largest brewing company in the world, looked to align its current and future business objectives within the African continent. In order to accomplish this, it would need to put in place a converged digital solution. So when the mega brewer reached out for a digital solution, Vodacom (with its extensive capabilities within the continent) was there to answer that call.

Vodacom’s relationship with SABMiller had been very transactional, with Vodacom fulfilling the function of single country commodity provider whose sole purpose was to provide mobile services. This, however, changed with SABMiller’s merger with AbInBev – changing the brewing company’s operating model in Africa to be centralised in the zone.

Between Vodafone Global Enterprise and the regional account and support team – the leading advocate of the digitalisation of enterprises was uniquely positioned to meet AbInBev’s requirements and had the capabilities to deliver multi-country complex propositions via a single point of contact.

As a global enterprise with a strong focus on accelerated growth and sustainability, AbInBev was set on growing its presence across the African continent to gain improved visibility and control over its operations, even more so after the acquisition that saw the expansion of its African footprint. AbInBev would need to relook its communications infrastructure in Africa.

The Vodacom solution

AbInBev would need to partner with a telecommunications provider that had the capabilities to lead the transition to a fully converged, robust, agile and scalable future-proof network – one that had the ability to adapt to an ever-changing business and technological environment, at increasingly competitive price points.

It therefore came as no surprise when Vodacom, in June 2017, was awarded the in-country network for 8 countries. This meant that the telecommunications giant was now able to provide AbInBev with the visibility and control needed centrally to manage communications across these countries. Vodacom’s partnership progressed in September 2017, when the digital communications provider was awarded the backhaul links network for 7 countries.

It goes without saying that AbInBev is on a journey of digital transformation and Vodacom has made its intention of being a part of that journey very clear. By taking on the role of enabler to AbInBev’s drive for growth, Vodacom can ensure that the global brewer fulfils its commitment of improving the lives of people by bringing them together through brands and experiences. The next step in Vodacom’s journey with AbInBev is to provide improved efficiencies in the supply chain through improved communications with ABI consumers and suppliers.

Vodacom’s digital offering, demonstrated through trials such as Connected Tavern of the future and Digital Customer Loyalty solutions, will support AbInBev in working towards accelerated growth and social development across the continent.


Photo by Martin Kníže on Unsplash



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